We have launched a new campaign to raise standards and improve dementia care across Rhondda Cynon Taf, Bridgend and Merthyr Tydfil.

We want to make dementia care and support better for you.

A set of standards has been created to improve different parts of your care.

These are known as the ‘All Wales Dementia Care Pathway of Standards’. 

This includes how we make services more accessible and responsive for you, how we make your journey as positive as possible and how the people who support you are trained and skilled.

We want to involve you in ensuring the standards are being met in Bridgend, Rhondda Cynon Taf and Merthyr Tydfil. Your experiences can help us understand what changes need to be made to ensure people receive the best possible care and support.

There are 20 standards, and nine of these link to memory assessment services. We need to look at how we can improve memory assessment services for people seeking a diagnosis.

We'd like to hear your story and ideas so we can make things better in the future.

Join us in shaping the way care and support looks for people with dementia, carers and their families.

When we all come together, we make things better for everyone.

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Everyone's experience of diagnosis is different, but we want to understand how we can make this journey better for those affected by dementia. Feeling listened to, heard and valued is vital.

Sign up below to take part in events to help shape the future of dementia care and support.

6th July - improving dementia services and support hack-a-thon

This event will bring together people affected by dementia and professionals to look at the barriers and challenges faced by people. Together we can come up with solutions to improve services.

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Download campaign leaflet

Want to share information about the campaign? You can download our digital leaflet here.

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We are proud to be members of
Co-Production Network for Wales.

We are proud to be members of
Co-Production Network for Wales.