The term 'learning disability' is used to describe many different conditions. People with the same learning disability may experience that condition differently.

It's important that people with learning disabilities feel genuinely listened to and involved, have control and choice over their own lives.

Our work focuses on working with organisations and people with learning disabilities across the region to look at how support and services can be improved for those that access them.

We have worked with people, with learning disabilities, their families and carers to identify the actions needed to improve services and support in Cwm Taf Morgannwg.

Learn about our regional priorities for people with learning disabilities here.

People with learning disabilities have created songs, drama pieces, poems and art work to bring to life their experiences.

Read how we've heard the voices of people with learning disabilities here.

Do you have a learning disability, or work with people with
learning disabilities? Sign up to be involved in our work here.

My Day, My Way!

The My Day, My Way project challenges services to provide more diverse, person centered and meaningful day time opportunities by empowering people with a learning disability to be fully involved in decisions about what they do during the day.


Read about the new Learning Disability Charter

The Charter holds professionals and services accountable to people living with Learning Disabilities.


What Matters to Me?

The What Matters To Me project is a co-productive approach to shaping service priorities for people with a Learning Disability and their parents and carers across Cwm Taf.


Read how people with learning disabilities are being supported across Cwm Taf Morgannwg below.

Kindness in Lockdown

What does kindness means to residents across Cwm Taf Morgannwg?


We are proud to be members of
Co-Production Network for Wales.

We are proud to be members of
Co-Production Network for Wales.