Kay Tyler

My name is Kay Tyler and I have been Carer representative on the RPB for over two years.

I have two grown up children, one of whom has a rare syndrome and an associated Learning Disability. He currently lives in Supported Living and as a family we support him to enjoy a good life and are still very much involved in his care. Until recently I also helped to care for and support my father who was living with dementia. 

I have been a member of The Grapevine, a group of Parents and Carers of Adults with Learning Disabilities since 2017. I am also a Carer Representative on a number of Local, Regional and National Forums and a Trustee of the All Wales Forum of Parents and Carers of People with Learning Disabilities

My experiences have helped me to understand and appreciate how important it is for unpaid carers to be involved in the work of our RPB, using our voices, views and lived experience to help plan, improve and develop the services we receive.