Setting up our Community Action Group

We invited people working and living across the region to take part in our Community Action Group. This group includes a range of different people  from the public and third sectors, in addition to local community members.

This group will drive forward our work, and ensure we are capturing as many voices as possible. So far we have over 40 people involved, and the number is growing!

With lots of different people involved in our assessments, we have access to skills, support and expertise. Our Community Action Group members will be helping us with the following:


Mapping of skills and resources across the region.


Providing regular reports and updates on engagement opportunities and work conducted.

Generating interest

Creating localised engagement platforms.


Gathering feedback, sharing resources and encouraging more engagement.


Facilitation of engagement events and opportunities.


Promotion of engagement activity and final assessment findings.

Mental health & wellbeing creativity day at Gilfach Goch Community Association

Children and young people were invited to participate in a creative day at Gilfach Goch Community Association. They made films, wrote songs and created designs to show what mental health and wellbeing means to them.

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Community Assessments Action Group briefing document

Download the briefing document about our Community Assessments Action Group here.


We are proud to be members of
Co-Production Network for Wales.

We are proud to be members of
Co-Production Network for Wales.