We need to ensure children, young people and families in Bridgend, Merthyr Tydfil  and Rhondda Cynon Taf live safe, healthy and fulfilled lives and that they can achieve their full potential.

We want to understand what matters to children and young people living in our region, and what actions need to be taken to improve services and support.


Building on what children and young people have already told us.

Children, young people and professionals have told us what matters to them, and the barriers they face. Now is the time to identify key actions to take forward, so we can start to make positive changes.

Looking back to move forward

To shape our action plan, we firstly needed to look at the challenges identified by children and young people in our Population Needs Assessment. There were a number of key themes that we wanted to review in more detail with children, young people and professionals, so we can understand the best steps to take forward.

Key findings from the hack-a-thon

People with lived experiences and professionals must work together to drive meaningful change.

During our hack-a-thon for children and young people, we split everyone into groups to look at:

  • Jobs and skills
  • Community spaces and safety
  • Mental health
  • Access to fun
  • Behaviour and support

Below we have shared some of the key findings from the hack-a-thon.


How can services be improved?

In summary, children and young people would like to see:

  • Awareness of employment rights, and more supportive employment opportunities with flexibility to meet needs and wants in relation to career paths
  • Targeted campaigns for youth employment with easier application processes, less stringent experience requirements, and more opportunities for skilled based learning
  • All communication to be presented in simple, accessible and child friendly formats
  • Social prescribing to be offered as an alternative to traditional medication e.g. mediation/ walking groups – and for these options to be readily available
  • Improved transport infrastructure that makes travel across the region more accessible and safe for children and young people to use
  • Exploration of the use and benefits of the arts as a source of support and expression for children and young people
  • Better financial support for families and young people to ensure all basic needs are adequately met, to reduce the adverse effects that they may experience as a result of poverty, especially in relation to digital inclusion
  • National and regional help that is driven by local priorities, developed through a range of innovative and dynamic engagement opportunities with children, young people, families and professionals
  • Increased education and awareness for professionals around children and young people’s mental health priorities and support

"I Do It For Love"

This song was written by Maddie Jones and young carers. Together they looked at creating accessible fun spaces for young people.

Read lyrics

Want to get involved to improve services for children & young people?

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Population Needs Assessment

We have identified key priorities for our communities in our Population Needs Assessment. Here we explain how we worked with communities to identify these.

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Co-producing in a crisis

Co-Production In a Crisis: Valuing the Voices of Cwm Taf Morgannwg through the Covid-19 Pandemic'. The report, developed by the Our Voice Matters project, shares examples of good practice and recommendations for embedding co-production in projects

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We are proud to be members of
Co-Production Network for Wales.

We are proud to be members of
Co-Production Network for Wales.