Holding our first Community Action Group meeting

In August, we held our first Community Action Group meeting.

The purpose of the Community Action Group is to offer advice and guidance for the work taking place on the Wellbeing & Population Needs assessments.

The Community Action Group brings together people who work in health, the local authorities, public sector, education, housing, the third sector.

We also have representation from people with personal experience of the topics we are looking at in our assessments.

We asked the Community Action Group why they wanted to take part in this work, and they said:

Listening and acting together

Using our own experiences and relationships to understand what communities need.

Improving services

Looking at how we can improve services for the better, and create a more sustainable future.

Working together

Working together to make positive changes that our communities can benefit from.

Learning from the experience

We all have experiences that could be relevant to this project. Talking, listening and sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings is very important.

Finding different ways to do things

If something hasn't worked, we need to learn from it and find a different way to improve things for people.

Making sure underrepresented groups have their voices heard

It's important we reach as many people as possible, so we can represent voices that may not normally feel heard, and make positive changes together.

Bringing together our Engagement and Data groups

We invited people from across the region to take part in our engagement and data groups.

To plan the right services and support for people, we need to know what people need, and where funding and resources need to be allocated.

To understand this, our data group will gather important information about health, social care and wellbeing. This data may come from existing published studies or information organisations are currently gathering across the region.

Data only tells us one side of the story.

That is why it’s important we find ways to have open and honest conversations with people living in our communities, to hear their experiences and understand what is important to them.

People like to share their experiences in different ways, and would like to be supported to do this.

The engagement group will be tasked with thinking of different ways to empower people to share their experiences in a way that is comfortable for them.

Eventually, information from the engagement and the data groups will be brought together and evaluated.

This will give us a much better understanding of how we can support people, and where services need to be improved and created.

The following activities also took place in August:

Community Assessments Action Group briefing document

Download the briefing document about our Community Assessments Action Group here.


We are proud to be members of
Co-Production Network for Wales.

We are proud to be members of
Co-Production Network for Wales.