The aim of the Every Day is a Tuesday programme is to create a daily, integrated service that extends beyond 9am-5pm so people can access the right health and social care services, at the right time for them.

Whilst the plan is to create a daily health and social care service that will be available between 8am-8pm, Transformation Funding has ensured the right services are expanded and accessible for people now.

This includes expanding specialist Mobile Response and Acute Clinical teams, and establishing a Falls Prevention team.

Expanding the Mobile Response team

NHS data shows that falls are a common cause of injury. One in three adults over 65 who live at home will have at least one fall a year, and about half of these will have more frequent falls.*

While we know people would like to remain independent, it’s important they can access the right support and services when they need it.

To support people in the community through the ‘Every Day is a Tuesday’ programme, the team has used Transformation Funding to increase the number of mobile responders who are available to respond to telecare activations/ alerts, 24 hours a day, each day of the year.

How does the service work?

The service works by responding to requests for help from people who have telecare equipment, such as a pendant alarm.

If somebody presses their pendant or one of the Telecare sensors are activated, the Mobile Response Team, made up of dedicated social care workers, will arrive at that person’s home within thirty minutes and by use of a Key Safe can access the person’s home and assist.

The team are very experienced at supporting people at home, so will assess the situation to understand how to best assist.  It may be the person requires hospital treatment, or in most circumstances, they will be supported and reassured at home.


Identifying the best long term support

Once the team have left the person’s home, they will record what happened, which helps to build a picture around any challenges or difficulties the person is experiencing that is affecting their independence.

For example, if there is a wider health or social care need, they may be able to have a discussion with the person around the benefit of agreeing to an onward referral.

As the Mobile Response Team is part of the Community Resource Team, which sits within Bridgend County Borough Council, wider information, advice and assistance can be provided to identify the best support.

The ‘Every Day is a Tuesday’ programme’s specialist Falls Prevention Co-Ordinator also supports and advises the Mobile Response Team. If agreed by the person, the Mobile Response Team can arrange a falls assessment which can be undertaken by the Acute Clinical Team, led by an Advanced Nurse Practitioners.

*Taken from

As mentioned above, The Every Day is a Tuesday programme has invested in a Falls Prevention team to reduce falls in the community.

The team includes a Falls Prevention Co-ordinator who is a specialist physiotherapist and a Therapy Technician.

The team develops projects that inform and empower colleagues inside and outside of the Community Resource Team about falls prevention to ensure Falls Prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

The Team also works closely with community organisations including Care and Repair, Bridgend County Borough Council and staff from Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board to prevent falls in the community.

We are proud to be members of
Co-Production Network for Wales.

We are proud to be members of
Co-Production Network for Wales.