What is the 'building resilient and connected communities' programme?

Collaborating and working together in a coordinated way means local people can get the best possible care and support while remaining independent and safe in their own homes and communities.

The programme has a number of key roles:

  • Supporting volunteers who want to make a difference in their community
  • Supporting community groups and organisations to be resilient
  • Supporting people to remain independent, enhance their confidence and reduce isolation by connecting them to their communities
  • Bringing communities and networks together to address local health and social care needs
  • Supporting new ideas that may improve wellbeing

Through the programme residents can be connected to a range of support and advice, including:

  • Bereavement
  • Financial Advice
  • Dementia
  • Food Security
  • Befriending
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Carer Support

How does the programme work?

BAVO and Bridgend County Borough Council are working with large numbers of organisations across Bridgend County to ensure adults living in the area are supported to be as resilient as possible.

With so many organisations working together it’s important the work is coordinated well.

Working in partnership, BAVO and Bridgend Council employ a number of people who each have a designated role in assisting residents to gain the right support and advice:



A designated Co-ordinator within BAVO supports the staff and helps build partnerships to connect people to the many organisations and partners to make the best use of all the services and support that are needed.

Common Access Point and Link Worker

The Common Access Point (CAP) team sit within Bridgend County Borough Council.

They receive enquires from members of the public and professionals through a designated helpline, and then advise and signpost to the right support.

A Link Worker from BAVO also works closely with this team to connect people who call the helpline to schemes run by third sector organisations, such as a befriending service.

By working together, the CAP team and the Link Worker can understand what support can be offered to an individual, which ensures they receive the best care, support and advice for their individual circumstance.

For example, somebody may be ready to be discharged from hospital, but may need some advice and support on what options are available to ensure this can be done as swiftly and safely as possible. Similarly a person who has no regular contacts may feel lonely and can be connected to a range of social opportunities.


Community Navigators

The purpose of the ‘building resilient and connected communities’ programme is to empower people to be more resilient in their community.

To support with this, BAVO employs five Community Navigators who are based within different areas in Bridgend County. The Community Navigators work with people and connect them to different organisations, depending on what assistance they may need.

For example, if somebody is feeling isolated and are housebound, the Community Navigator may tell them about a befriending service they can get in touch with.

If there is a wider social care requirement or higher levels of need, the Community Navigators may contact the Common Access Point team or the Local Community Co-ordinators within Bridgend Council to gain further assistance.

"I have been coping much better – I’m not crying all the time...”

Read how Gail, one of BAVO's Community Navigators and the CAP team supported a resident through the Covid-19 pandemic.

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We are proud to be members of
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